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looking for some web ui criticism

how's this for a navigation bar (meant for the top of the page) for a "retro"-themed site? (the current section is the tile "sticking out", the audio tile in the upper right is to toggle background music on and off, the mail tile is to send email, and the gauge tile in the lower right is to see site stats/history/colophon)

it presents all the sections of the site at once, kind of like a compact sitemap. because of this, every section is directly accessible from every other section (i.e., the two organizational axes are presented orthogonally).

plus i just think the legos look cool :-)

for those wondering, this was all done on the computer, no photography involved... thanks to Mac Brick CAD (a lego construction program which exports pov-ray files), POV-ray (a renderer), and Photoshop Elements (this makes redoing it a snap, just re-CAD and re-render to try something new).

comments, questions? good/bad color choices? please drop some feedback.
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