pmcgee007 (pmcgee007) wrote in webusability,

I would appreciate your participation and comments


I am redesigning the following site to make it more user friendly and visually apealing starting with the home page.

It is an subscription based online research library who's primary audience is college students, professors/teachers and professionals. You can use some of the features without joining by chosing to read one of the free books.

I am looking for comments  as to what you like or dislike about the site and how easy it is to find basic information.

Please rank your responses to the question how easy is it to find basic information:    very easy, easy, difficult, very difficult

I would appreciate your participation and comments and ask that when you post you identify yourself in one of the following categories:   

college student, professor/teacher, professional or other so that I can quantify the responses.

Your comments would provide valuable input in the redesign process.  Thanks for participating.
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