Josie (josephine76) wrote in webusability,

Screen resolutions and percentages of visitors.

Say, one has a small website with 200 visitors a day. Apparently, 20% of the visitors has a screen resolution of 800x600... 80% has a higher resolution. A redesign is planned and they are thinking of using the standard of minimum 1024x 768. Meaning, 40 visitors a day will have to scroll (horizontally and/or vertically) or miss a part of the site on first sight. What if the site has 3000 visitors? ... 600 visitors with an 800x600 resolution a day.

I would like to know what your opinions on this are in general. Should we consider every visitor? In theory, I say yes... of course, we design for the users, every user. But I have heard from fellow designers that they think the people should use a higher screen resolution by now... that the times have changed. Personally I still design for 800x600... but have you made the change to a higher standard resolution?

What percentage of users should we consider? How many users should we consider?

What are your opinions on this?
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