encyclops (encyclops) wrote in webusability,

alternative navigation schemes

I think we all know the safe, standard, usability-approved ways to navigate a web site:

1. Tabs (or their functional equivalent, with or without dropdown menus) across the top.
2. Links down the left side.

I'm not saying a web designer wouldn't be stark swallowing insane to deviate from this dichotomy. But if one were, what other choices would he have?

What I'm asking is whether anyone is aware of any alternatives -- any dangerously unorthodox navigation schemes/widgets/methods out there, whether they're being used in an actual live web site or just sizzling in a petri dish in a design lab somewhere. I've been looking around at different sites and I can't seem to find anything that doesn't conform to one or both of those two paradigms.

Thanks in advance for any info you might be willing to share on this topic!
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